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Since 1993, Stephen R Davies has been researching the complex history of the RAF Police since its formation on the 1st April 1918. During his 24 year research into the history of the RAF Police, he has amassed one of the largest depositories of information regarding the global activities of the branch dating back to the very beginning.

The project began after I managed to obtain a rather thin A4 glossy magazine which had been produced to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the RAF Police. The contents were mostly photographs with a very sparse story of the RAF Police up until that point. Being rather disappointed with the publication and lack of substance, I closed the magazine and was heard to utter those immortal words, "For Goodness sake, is that it..? I could have done a better job than that..!!" ... The rest as they say is history...! Seriously though, up until that point, although the RAF Police had a 'museum' containing lots of artefacts gathered fro…